This article, Zan Jr/Five Traits, is a Role-Play article.

This is the Five Traits of Zan.


Wisdom is the smartess of the Five traits. He is all of Zan's wisdom into one. Wisdom excels in Fire Release, and Earth Release.

Wisdom's techniques

  • Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet</li> </li>


    Speed is the fastest of the Five traits, he is all of Zan's speed put into one man. Speed excels in Lighting, and Crystal Release.

    Speed's Technqiues

  • Contract Seal</li>
  • Strength

    Strength is all of Zan's strength into one body. Strength excels in Water, and Earth Release.

    Strength's Technqiues


    Strategy is all of Zan's strategy, and fighting plans into one single body. Strategy excels in Fire, and Lightning Release.

    Strategy's Technqiues


    Life is the strongest of the five traits, havintg more chakra/ki than the others. Life is all of the Life spirit, inside of Zan into one body. Life Excels in Wood, and Earth Release.

    Life's Technqiues