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Vannatis Starrk
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Vannatis Starrk (ヴァニタススターク, Banatisu Sutakku) is a member of the Mazoku species and is one of their most powerful warriors.


Vannatis sports the natural qualities of a Shinzoku, and is a man with unnaturally dark skin, with eyes and hair of the darkest red, his sclera being pitch black. He has unnaturally colored eyes, and extremely dark skin, which are the telltale traits of a Shinzoku in appearance. Vannatis sports various different body modifications, including art, piercings, and more, giving him a rather imposing appearance. For exmaple, the majority of the skin on his arms, back, and chest are covered with demonic ink tatoo's and his face and ears are shown to have numerous different goth-like piercings, including eyebrow, nose, and lip studs.



Vannatis Starrk has never known his family, and is unsure if he even has one. He is an object of entertainment used for the underworld of crime that plagues the galaxy, and was used as a deathmatch gladiator in an illegal underground fighting club, and was regarded as one of the most reliable contestants, due to the fact he was nearly unbeatable. After slaughtering every member of the fight club, including his caretakers, Vannatis was take into the best maximum security prison in the galaxy, where he spent years doing more bloodsport to ensure his survival. However, during a transfer, Vannatis escaped into deep space and fled to planet earth.

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