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Trag is a Saiyan who used to be one of Stibius' subordinates, but decided to switch sides. After becoming pure and
saving millions of lives, he has received the power of the Legendary Justice.


When Trag discovered himself as a user of Legendary Justice, his ki was too overwhelmed with the Legendary Justice's power that he wasn't able to turn back to normal ever. He has trouble with the Legendary Justice's strength but has mastery over all the other abilities of a Legendized fighter. While as a villain, he found a Barigane in a pile of garbage in a city containing the weapon .


Kinjo is a muscular dark-skinned man with green eyes and glowing light green hair which is partly covered by a dark grey headband, he is mostly seen with a large grin showing his pointed fang-like teeth. He wears a yellow shirt with the sleeves and bottom part torn off along with a green jacket worn as a makeshift cape with the sleeves tied to his body and pale trousers. 


Trag is very cocky and always has a grin, he purposely freaks people out with his grin. For a person who unlocked Legendary Justice, he is quite mean and loves playing pranks on people, he always goes for a terrible punchline that it can't even be called a punchline.

Crusher Glove

As Stibius' subordinate, he was in a destroyed a city when he saw a Barigane, he didn't know what to do it and clenched it, revealing what was contained in the Barigane. It was the weapon that can grab anything, Crusher Glove.


  • Flight
  • Extended Punch
  • Grenade Crusher
  • Kiai
  • Quick Blink
  • Legendary Crasher
  • Wordbind: Disperse
  • Wordbind: Incinerate
  • Wordbind: Shock
  • Wordbind: Freeze
  • Wordbind: Oblivion's Upheival