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"In your mind, things are perfect, are they not?. Where your land of perfect dreams and utmost desires frolick in boundless harmony... that is the world i am aiming to create. A perfect universe of dreams. A place where no sadness, no hurt, no guilt and no drama exists. A place where you can create anything, have anything you want, eternal life, endless power, limitless wealth and more... this is the universe that i am going to create."
— "The Suns Eye Plan"

The Masked Man
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The Masked Man (覆面をした男, Kamen no Otoko) is a mysterious being that (with luck) appears in the most climatic and final couple of chapters in The Lookout Chronicles. There are many speculations as to the masked mans true identity, though he is an expert at keeping his true face and appearance a constant secret, saying that "I have been here all along". He was once believed to be Zion, claming his identity to be his, though with the latters return from the dead it is now impossible to say who the masked man really is.


The masked man takes on a mysterious and enigmatic appearance, yet one that is also unique and that stands out at the same time. He wears a dark black shihakusho and wide legged hakama that are tied at the ankles so as to give him freedom of movement, carrying with him a war fan. He keeps any skin on his body hidden underneath fabric. The most iconic aspect of his appearance is the cycloptic eye mask that envelops his head completed with three tomoe shaped holes punched in it two of which he uses as a method of seeing out of. His true appearance is unknown as it has never been revealed.


The masked man is tyrannical and diabolical. His ultimate goal is to subjugate the minds and bodies of everyone in the entire universe to his will and trap them in a world that he deems perfect. Though there are many whom have been corrupted by his way of thinking and thus sympathize with his ideals, something which makes him a very powerful man in terms of military and allied forces of strength. He does not exhibit any emotion at all and can keep a calm head in the most dire of situations, willing to step on and throw away the lives of others in order tor each his ultimate goal. He is cold, calculative and a genius of manipulation.



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