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"Tch... yeah i think i know who you're talkin' about... that guy sure was somethin' else... ofcourse i remember him, how could i forget?, he was the only one among those delinquints that wasn't a saiyan... a guy as powerful as that doesn't so easily fade from yet mind, ya know."
— A Teacher speaks about "The Guy"

The Guy
for lack of knowing his real name, identity, title, or any other information pertaining to his existance, was the fifth and final founder of the Lookout wiki, and is a former member of the infamous 5 that are revered for single handedly rebuilding the lookout after the events of Dragon Ball GT. The guy is an unknown and unidentified male warrior. The Guy remains as the single most mysterious and unknown of the 5 that formed the wiki. He also attended Boukan Gakuen and was a fellow student/classmate of the other four that later become known as The Legendary Supreme Super Saiyan's.