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Sub-Zero Valentine
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Sub-Zero Valentine (サブゼロバレンタイン) is a new form of . Instead of him putting his soul inside sand he put his soul inside snow.

History of This Form

Valentine was walking through an ice cold mountain range, that had snow everywhere in between, and on the mountains, with very severe blizzards. Valentine was so cold and very ill coughing and turning purple. His sweat caused from him walking through the mountain range freezing, slowly causing him to get frozen.

Valentine got an idea after a while though, and released his soul from the body of sand, which he let the wind blow it away into the hot, dry desert that he lived in. Valentine then laid in the snow and rolled around in it which caused the snow to form into his body, after a while, creating his organs one by one. Snow started to freeze into rock hard ice, which would later shape out into his veins. Now that he is snow he cannot be effected by the coldness of snow itself.


In this form Valentine has lavender colored hair, which is styled in a pony tail and a bang in the front, with lavender colored circular eyebrows, to match his hair. He has brighter lavender marks with pointed ends, under his light turquoise eyes which have a cold ominous look in them. Valentine wears a suit with many tubes, thermals, and armor. He also wears a mask-style forehead protector that frames his face.


Valentine is a very cool, calm, collective, and focused person. Very serious and has a strong sense of humor. In this form Valentine is wicked, mad, and crazy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Durability: Valentine has enhanced durability meaning a kunai thrown at him would just bounce off barely leaving a wound. He has shown his enhanced durability by grabbing a kunai straight up with his hand with the blade facing towards him. The kunai didn't even cut his skin.
  • Insane Power Level: Valentine has drinken the Ultra Divine Water, so now his power level has insanely grown. The Ultra Divine Water also brought out his inner power, which is the power of Terrek/Agony. All that energy combined makes his power capable of destroying Earth with one punch.
  • Vast Intelligence: Valentine is very intellegnt. Through being very intelligent he has the strong ability to focus his ki to make the attack stronger. Making his intelligence plus his ki a dangerous factor about him.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Valentine is a master at hand to hand to combat and will go hand to hand with anyone anyday. His style of fighting is very unique though as he uses twist, turns, and creative attacks.