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Stibius is a mutated Saiyan who was almost obliterated from Planet Vegeta's explosion, but mutated cause of a
liquid he got covered in, giving him the extreme power to survive even the size of the explosion of Planet Vegeta.


Since he is a Saiyan, he has a tail, but it is concealed in the cloth around his waist. And his mutation gave him a very unique ability, to remove his own soul from his body to be still be able to be fight after taking on near-death injuries. The soul is actually a solid body after being taken out of Stibius' body, it turns into a typical soul and goes back into Stibius' body after Stibius has finished recovering from his injuries, but Stibius can remove his soul and fight with it at the same time too.


Stibius has green skin with two scars: One across his face and one across his chest. He has long blue hair that hangs down to his shoulders. Stibius is very muscular. He also wears a white belt, with a blue cloth around it.


Stibius known around the South and North galaxies, is always craving for a mayhem-filled fight, he blows up planets that have very weak fighters. He is also easily angered.


Stibius was born in a valley near King Vegeta's palace, for some reason, after his birth, he started floating to Vegeta's palace. He easily blasted the guards away, once near Vegeta's throne, he fell to the floor. Stibius' parents came shortly after and picked Stibius up. King Vegeta felt something in Stibius, and suddenly ordered his henchmen to take Stibius' parents away. After that, Stibius was held stable in a growth chamber of some sort in the palace. After reaching the age 6, he grew too big for the chamber, so they released Stibius from the chamber, waking up and confused, Vegeta reached his hand out to Stibius, but right before Stibius grabs Vegeta's hand, earthquakes and explosions started to happen. Frieza was attacking Planet Vegeta. Stibius even witnessed Vegeta's death, he ran away from the palace and accidentally ran into a chamber containing a suspicious liquid. Just before Planet Vegeta's explosion, he mutated cause of that liquid he got covered in, and survived.