This article, Sombre Star Squadron, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Sombre Star Squadron, is a Role-Play article.

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A team of renowned specialists of combat. Each of them are highly-trained and well-versed in combat. The Sombre Star Squadron was formed from a group of people whose strengths were rarely challenged on the Lookout, who had nothing better to do.

The Sombre Star Squadron, in truth, are actually a group of marginalized warriors, who are barely paid any attention despite their prowess on Lookout. The Sombre Star Squadron was barely mentioned or even talked about even during its formation, as it was mostly kept secret. Now, the Sombre Star Squadron is widely known, and is commonly known to be the mightiest collection of Warriors on Lookout.

Their reputation as individual warriors were already great to most, as they have beat the mighty warriors of the Lookout Crew countless times.

The only person however, who had paid more attention to them, was Leogian, and some of the Sombre Star Squadron have imparted onto him some knowledge as to the different parts of combat, as he was the main company they found.


It all started when Nacule was neglected, barely talked to or fought against throughout most of the Lookout Crew's major arcs. He trained in solitude for many years, gaining much needed power, however, the boredom still caught up with him. Soon enough, he met Bisani Toribra, who, while receiving attention at the beginning, was later neglected as well. Both of them then trained together, sparring and getting stronger over time, as well as training their teamwork.

Later on, Decaun Equino came in. His happy-go-lucky, joker personality made him hard to deal with by the members of the Lookout Crew. Like the others, while attention was given to him at first, he was later neglected, and he joined the Sombre Star Squadron to further his training (and to make new friends).

The most recent member was Star Serelinity, a unique God of Chi. His brash personality made him several enemies on Lookout, however, it was unlucky that during the year he joined, there was no real events, and thus he became neglected, like the other members. Thus, these group of people were united by a sense of loneliness and marginalization, for the better or for the worse. They have bonded, they have united, and they have become strong. They are the Ultimate Team of Lookout, and few dare challenge them.


These members each have a reputation, based on their strengths and how they deal with situations.

  • Nacule is like the complicated mastermind, who is a master of battlefield advantages and energy projection. Every moment he's allowed to do something is a recipe for disaster for the enemy.
  • Bisani Toribra is the physical powerhouse, one who trashes through adversity with a multitude of highly offensive abilities.
  • Decaun Equino is the Wizard, the one who bends magical laws and converts everything to his advantage. Massive AOE and reality-warping attacks are his specialty
  • Star Serelinity is the all-rounded Jack of All Traits. A master of simple tactics, he focuses on using time to turn the advantages on his opponents, through his abilities which grow in power exponentially once it's unleashed.
  • Leogian (Reborn) is a very good friend of the rest of the members of the SSS. He has the most diverse member of them all and is capable of standing up to the other members of the SSS in straight up combat.


There is no actual leader of the Sombre Star Squadron. They are just a team banded together out of circumstance.

  • Nacule - First Member
  • Bisani Toribra - Second Member
  • Decaun Equino - Third Member
  • Star Serelinity - Fourth Member.


Nacule vs Bisani Toribra



The SSS at this point of time was not fully solidified, however it was then where the seeds of doubt became more apparent. The nonchalance and arrogance of the Lookout Crew grated on their nerves, and so they have kept to themselves for a long time. Only some lack the attitude of the Lookout Crew, such as Leogian (Reborn), but the rest often ignore the Sombre Star Squadron when they request to battle, thinking that a fight with them is beneath their level. Even worse, some, on the edge of losing, decide to leave the battle and pass it off as a tie, or that it did not exist. Rules were even made up to support their own "right". This cemented the beginning of the SSS's detest towards the Lookout Crew.


This period was a rough and hectic one, heralding the arrival of the latter 2 members of the SSS, namely Star Serelinity and Decaun Equino. It was this period where the most improvements took place from the exchange of ideas and continuous sparring. However, it was also when the ostracizing took its greatest leap, downright ignoring the existence of the SSS and ignoring them, despite them trying their best to be part of the crew. It was during this period where the SSS decided that it was time to become independent, and commenced the "Annihilation of the Lookout Crew Arc", thereby separating themselves from the Lookout Crew and becoming Anti-Heroes.


This period was relatively uneventful, aside from the large amount of practice between the members of the SSS. Each emerged with a more diversified set of abilities and powerups not readily noticeable in most battles. They met with Regenesis and sparred with him for quite a bit, as Regenesis was unlike most of the other Lookout Crew people.


During this period, Star Serelinity had a minor encounter with Hikari Minato, a pseudo Kai who he perceives to be evil. The reason for this is that Hikari, after ingesting the Kai, abused its powers without even attempting to find ways to free the inner Kai within him, instead assuming the Kai's former role in guarding the universe. Serelinity tried to help this Kai, but was unable to do so due to Hikari outright rejecting, even assuming that Serelinity had malicious intentions (despite only attempting to create a suitable place for conversation). His clothes rejected Serelinity's power, despite him amping it up to incredible levels. Serelinity attempted to negotiate using other ways, namely the threat of death, followed by the berating of Hikari's incompetence, but none of these worked and Hikari continually attempted to destroy Earth unintentionally. As Serelinity left, Nacule took the place of berating Hikari, but nonetheless, Hikari could not listen to reason, not even the words of a former sparring enemy, and had the gall to claim that he would be able to beat Nacule now. These events further solidified the SSS's dislike towards the Lookout Crew.

It was also during this time where Bisani challenged and fought Ultimate Zion. Bisani won, however he was annoyed that he had found no way to knock Zion out without killing him. Still, just as he was planning to put the Lookout Crew in a better light to his peers in the SSS, he heard from Ultimate Zion himself that he no longer associates himself with the Lookout Crew, and was disappointed. After thanking Zion, Bisani promptly departed.


The Sombre Star Squadron revolted against the Lookout Crew in the Annihilation of the Lookout Crew Arc, as of now, they are the Lookout Crew's antithesis.

The Days of Future Past

Hunter Drake went back to the past due to a warning from the future. His future self-brought him to the future, where he learned about the fate of many of the Lookout Crew, who were killed in battle by frighteningly powerful enemies. His Future Self in particular warned him about the threat of 5 enemies, one known ominously as the Godfather, and promptly disappeared. Hunter then got separated from him, Zion and the others, and wandered aimlessly, not knowing how to get back into the past. Meeting Serelinity out of sheer luck, he asked many questions on what happened, unknowingly volunteering information on the current surviving members of the Lookout Crew. Serelinity offered him a choice - Either he got to know who was responsible for the annihilation of the lookout crew and die from the power of those words, or he could go back to the past. Needless to say, Hunter picked the latter, fearing his death.

Annihilation of the Lookout Crew Arc

As Hunter returned, he tried to warn the others but to no avail. On the predicted day of apocalypse, nothing happened, leading others to doubt his statement, some projecting that his visit to the future changed what was about to happen.

A few days later, several major things happened. During the arrival of the Godfather and his group, incredible natural disasters occurred throughout the world, causing incredible chaos. Despite these occurrences, the SSS decided to sit at the side, playing Go Fish, seemingly oblivious to what was happening as the Lookout Crew tried to stop what was happening. In truth, it was actually the Sombre Star Squadron fuelling all the natural disasters, Nacule converting the metals into magma, transporting oceans across the planet, etc. while Decaun amplified the effects of destruction and shrouded the world in darkness, with Serelinity concealing the tracks leading back to them. As they innocently played on, Hikari requested the aid of Nacule, who helped him for a bit before telling him not to bother him as he played. As they fought onwards, trying to end the chaos occurring, the Godfather appeared to challenge the Crew, and they fought for a while. Meanwhile, The Elemental Man, a magical human-shaped doll was revealed to be the "source" of all the problems in the world, and the Lookout Crew promptly attacked it. However, they were too slow as when the golem saw that Geyser's wife was present, it targeted and electrocuted her. Geyser flared in anger, activating his Super Saiyan 5 state, and promptly charged towards the Golem, attempting to destroy it.

It was then, where the SSS revealed their intent to annihilate the Lookout Crew for their careless and arrogant nature.

Decaun tried to get his attention, but to no avail. He then disintegrated the Golem, pulling it back into himself. "It was I, Geyser. So, do you regret ignoring the SSS like the rest of them?" Decaun remarked. However, he underestimated the anger of Geyser, and the impact of their actions, promptly hiding behind a powerful barrier with the rest of the SSS. Geyser tried continuously to break the barrier with his tremendous might, but to no avail, while the rest of the Crew fought the Godfather, defeating several of his minions.

Nacule, eager for a challenge, then diverted Geyser's attention from Decaun, using the excuse that it was he who manipulated the elements in the first place. Stepping out of the barrier, he promptly retreated inwards as he realized that Geyser's power would require much more than brute force to sufficiently quell, and that standing outside would be disadvantageous to his group. As they diverted their attention to other threats such as Hikari and Nikad, they utilized their incredible powers to deflect their energies, and begin the summoning of a Combined Creature.

To their surprise, Geyser managed to shatter their barrier, minorly wounding them as they took the brunt of the force. Nacule promptly absorbed the ambient energy using his Anti-Ki, and recreated another shield to defend themselves. Due to the sheer chaos, the Lookout Crew deigned to ignore them as they dealt with the Godfather's underlings, which were slowly felled, while the SSS combined their energies to create a powerful creature of Magic, Flow, Appetite and Ki. Using the Terrorzard as a basis, they created an incredibly powerful warrior under their control, which would only grow stronger in time. Perceiving that they had caused enough hurt and damage already, they decided to leave the battlefield, choosing instead to wreak havoc through this powerful medium.

However, despite their intentions, it boiled down into a slugfest between the creature and the Godfather, each trying to assert their strengths after the Lookout Crew was battered and beaten. In the end, the Godfather used his final technique, causing both the creature and itself to perish. Unknowingly, this change of events minimized the terror and deaths among the Lookout Crew. The Annihilation of the Lookout Crew, would thus be postponed to another time.

Knowing the death of the creature and the Godfather, the SSS investigated, absorbing the leftover magicks and power within their area of demise, while Decaun investigated the remnants of the power used by the Godfather to further his own research.

Bisani's Perception of the Saiyabots Arc

"Such a melodious sound, of robots getting diced up in the air. Ahhhhhh this is the LIFE!" Bisani looked on with boredom, a minor tint of amusement on his face. Despite being the enemies of Lookout Crew now, Bisani still decided to join the "arc", if not for the fun of it, then to see whether perceptions have changed.

Fighting alongside Leogian and Eltrion, he began his attack on the different Saiyabots.

"These guys really are weak..." Bisani said as he hit one Saiyabot aside, thinking that it could harm Bisani with its incompetent understanding of Newtonian mechanics. "I wonder why they're having so much trouble?" As one Saiyabot grabbed onto Bisani, he promptly hit it with Trillion Ren Nail Uppercut, sending it flying haphazardly while utterly ruining its facial features.

"Well looks like the Lookout Crew can deal with it." Bisani then unleashed his Hungry Space, utterly devouring one of the robots. "I guess these Saiyabots are just for show."

Meanwhile, Eltrion and Leogian were tirelessly fighting the other robots at a much more haggard pace, as they couldn't handle electric shocks despite having the capacity to handle planet explosions. At the corner of his eye he saw Kuzon get killed(again) by an electric shock, as well as the planet miraculously exploding while the rest of the Sombre Star Squadron was still there. "This is so surreal, is this actually happening from a weak sauce enemy?" Suddenly, he was struck at the side by a female Saiyabot, which happened to attempt shocking him to death. Unsurprisingly, it failed as it only enhanced Bisani's synapses as he was granted an electrical aura. As she attacked Bisani, Bisani then unleashed several more Spiked Punches, then unleashing a plethora of deadly attacks using his Satan Hair and Anti-Ki Blades, damaging the female Saiyabot beyond repair, where Leogian then obliterated it.

Then, the "boss" appeared, the Raditz Saiyabot. It was made of a much a STURDIER material which is much harder to destroy (apparently strong enough to handle strikes with the mass of the universe behind it). Playing it convenient Bisani decided to slice it apart using his A.I.R Knife, breaking it into pieces where more Saiyabots then formed, and he continued destroying them much further through his Satan Hair (not Devil's Hair) and Hair Marionette (taking control of one of them without their notice).

Then, they formed the Universal Supernova (due to Eltrion's stupidity). Bisani promptly struck each and every one of his Anti-Ki Blades connected to his Satan Hair in record time, causing all of them to burst forth with seemingly infinite energy, creating a "beam" which wiped out an enormous portion of the Saiyabots and absorbed the Nova. Stragglers were dealt with by the gigantic A.I.R Knife sent out by Bisani, creating massive torque via an almost countless number of Infinite spiked punches on both sides, causing it to spin at a death-defying speed. The speed was so great it warped the gravitational field lines and utterly disassembled the remainder of the robots.

The last robot, which somehow survived, attempted to go towards Bisani but failed horribly as the A.I.R Knife sliced him to ribbons. But before that happened, something destroyed the Saiyabot with remarkably hax little effort which cannot be perceived.

This hax Saiyabot then knocked the A.I.R Knife away when it was enchanted with Tier 5 magic. "I think there's a glitch in the system" Bisani knocked on the walls of space. "Can someone fix it?" Bisani stared on at this new intruder, which apparently didn't know and completely ignored the fact that Bisani called the A.I.R Knife back as it was spinning and made it attempt to slice the Saiyabot into pieces.

This Saiyabot then lamented it's sad life of utter frailty and lamented at his weakness despite the fact that the Saiyabots could pwn Buu several trillion times over. He apparently hated the fact that he was unsafe and decided to seal himself into his robot as a "last resort" (even though he was perfectly safe due to his robots' hax).

Going to New Namek, they began to free the scientist. All this time, Bisani was still trying to process what had happened. "What the hell is happening..." he thought. He then saw Porunga appear in the sky. "Well atleast now I know what to do". Jumping up, Porunga got pile-drived into the ocean by Bisani as it granted all the wishes. "BlubBlubBlub" Porunga said, as it was drowning in the ocean when Bisani pile-driving it. Then Porunga disappeared.

Miraculously reappearing back on Earth, they then summoned Shenron, where Bisani then pile-drived Shenron. Of course, the other Lookout members were blind to this and continued their wishes.

Bisani then wished, "May the Lookout Crew gain intelligence"

"I cannot grant that wish, it is beyond my power." Shenron answered.

"Well, Damn!" Bisani laughed.

Eltrion then wished to be split apart, and Leogian wished to unlock all his races (which should be beyond Shenron's capacity). But that impossible wish was still granted anyway, and Leogian now had the capacity to become Alien X. "Well this shows that helping them gain intelligence is REALLY impossible! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Bisani rolled on the floor, laughing.

Unbeknownst to them all, Bisani began his Sentimental program, while silently eliminating his competitors in the Capsule Corporation....

The Herulean War - Shingeki no Herul

The Sombre Star Squadron united after a long time, making battle plans for their assault on Herul.

"Oh this is going to be fun!" Decaun exclaimed, a mad scientist look in his eye.

"Well, it's not often that we get to go all out..." Nacule mused.

"Still, what's the worst that could possibly happen?" Serelinity shrugged, looking through what could only be considered overkill.

"Who cares! The plan seems solid anyhow." Bisani looked through it repeatedly, a calculating look in his eye.

"Let's hope we don't catch them by surprise then!" Decaun gleefully said as he travelled through darkness and reappeared in the training field that they all spar in. The rest followed after with each of their unique "teleportations".

It was a few minutes before they would engage their plan, and they had prepared it to the last possible moment. As each one of them appeared, they began the tedious process of maximizing their combat capabilities.

Nacule meditated for a moment, before unleashing his power in steady droves. First activating Magic Materialization, he created sandy variations of Extra-Dimensional Metal (immune to Ki and Magic) and Nacule's metal to swirl around himself, and directed the energy transfer of Nacule's metal to Bisani himself, whom he knew could eat the energy transferred to him via Nacule's metal (and would likely not budge from the transfer of force). Bisani saw this, and understood what this was meant to achieve. Nacule then began applying Proximity Shift to every single bit of Nacule's metal, causing himself to become practically untouchable as the technique would instantly warp him to safety within the same region if an attack were to come into contact with him. Then, he began releasing a vast amount of Anti-Ki and Ki, literally flooding the area around himself with its immense presence, and infused the energies into his own metals, vastly enhancing their capabilities. Then, he began growing into an absurdly huge size, gaining energy as his reserves and power expanded. Releasing all his energy, he then shrunk in order to capitalize on it, infusing all of the Anti-Ki into his very body, activating the first Transcendental Perfection of Ki - Transcendental Ki Resistance, by infusing every single bit of empty space within his body with Ki itself, vastly enhancing his capabilities. Then, he transforms all of the Anti-Ki within him into extremely tiny variations of super potent Destructo Discs, turning his very body into a pseudo black hole (in terms of its ability to annihilate), the second Transcendental Perfection. If that wasn't enough, he activated the Third Perfection, Transcendental Defense, By injecting a minor consciousness, using the energy of life (Ki) as a basis, to his Ki, he creates further layers of shields, around both his skin and a large area around himself, and grants them an adaptive feature which maximizes defense and reacts accordingly to different situations for different purposes. Namely, he gave them the instruction to be the "strongest spiked shield possible", where it combines the holonet's ability to burn on contact with the dicing capacity of his Transcendental Offense, and for the innermost layer an extremely powerful shield which diverts attacks, dispersing most attacks harmlessly. Then, he activated the Transcendental Sense, granting his Ki an awareness capable of reacting to attacks and acting accordingly, and this imbues his sandy metals the ability to react accordingly depending on the situation. Then, Nacule begins the process of imbuing his Ki in the air, using his immense control to prevent it from "decomposing", the 5th Perfection where Nacule may unleash Ki Attacks from seemingly everywhere. Topping it all off, he activates his 6th Perfection, a Transcendental Kinesis which supplements all his previous shields and offensive capabilities with the flexibility of telekinesis.

If that wasn't enough, Nacule began tapping into his Spirit Energy, an unfathomable energy source he never, ever uses, unless if he's training. Activating his Spirit Enhancement, he proceeds to enhance every section of his body and mind to extreme levels, enhancing the potency of his Ki as a whole and drastically enhancing his speed. Using the True Kaio-Ken, he further maximizes the properties of his own Ki by enhancing his own capacity further, granting himself more power. To cope with the massive energy loss, he activates the Flames of the Undying, eliminating all dying cells and revitalizing him to maximal capacity, optimizing all of his techniques at the cost of minute amounts of Spirit Energy. He then enters the Unitary State to minimize Spirit Energy usage. Creating thousands of Portal Conversions around himself, he begins channeling the Spirit Energy he has designated for use in this battle, converting Spirit Energy into immense beams of Ki directed at himself, multiplying the amount of Ki in the area manyfold as Nacule rapidly gains control of all the released Ki, converting it to enhance his offensive capabilities. Saturating the energy in the area, Nacule then maximizes the Ki he already has, forming tentacles around the large shield he is in, and creating Destructo Discs which revolve around himself, limiting the effectiveness of any attack on his person.

"I wonder, how long can they last against the 4 of us?" Nacule wondered, while keeping his techniques active via control alone.

Next, Bisani continued by unleashing his bio-electricity, supercharging himself with energy from all the mass he has contained within himself, creating an aura which would paralyze opponents, and channeling any by-products such as heat to the surface of his skin, increasing it to extreme temperatures. As he did so, he released countless leg knives, kugi punches, so on and so forth while simultaneously using Ultimate Routine, granting them the power to cut clean through even him, followed by using his hair to repeatedly strike them with a Super Spatula to enhance their strength while keeping it contained in the area around himself. As he does so, he further enhances his hair by channeling the effects of Beat Punch throughout his body, vibrating at resonant frequencies to deal maximum damage. Releasing a Roar of Deathly Sound, the vibrations of death entered every single technique of his, granting them an additional paralyzing/killer effect. Then, he surrounded himself in a Sound Barrier, designed to minimize all forms of resistance that might slow him down, and activated Vibration of Death. Then, he released all self-restraints on his strength through self-knocking, and vastly enhanced his strength and techniques further. Following which, he created a Hungry Space filling the area around Bisani, causing any foreign material which might get past his defenses to be completely and utterly eaten by the Hungry Space itself, and then activated Minority World and Emperor's Enbu, creating an environment where all minority atoms are enhanced. However, in this case, all of Bisani's atoms are the "minority", and they become even more powerful. Continually, Bisani released techniques and maintained them until he was near exhausted and extremely hungry, and proceeded to activate his Appetite Monster, the Death Emperor of the Void, which then supplemented all his prior techniques with far more appetite energy, strengthening them. Then, Bisani wielded an A.I.R Knife in one hand and an All-Purpose Medicine Blade in another, and his hairs wielded thousands of Anti-Ki Blades which surrounded Bisani. Ending off, Bisani imbued himself with his Presence Avatars and activated his gravity, which better contained his Leg Knives and Mugen Kugi Punches and also contained it much better. With this aura of indestructibility, combining his full arsenal into one defensive and offensive mayhem, he deemed himself ready for battle.

"It's been a long time since I went all the way. Can they hold up against me? I wonder." Bisani looked up, lost in thought.

Decaun, seeing the rest carry out their enhancements, began executing his moves as well. First, he summoned forth the Mirrors from his Celestial Rain technique, and summoned forth a massive stream of continuous light bullets to flow around himself. Using Midnight's Spark, he temporarily brings himself to his limits to summon forth the most powerful White Knight he can summon, using the spell Rising Sun. Activating his Aether eyes, all his light techniques were then enhanced drastically. Following which, he unleashed a Ray of Redemption, surrounding him and his allies with healing magic, while searing the area with incredible heat, joining with Bisani's technique to create an aura of ambient death, while the allies remain perfectly fine. At that point, his darkness powers were maximized as his light energy ran dry, though still existing around himself. The light techniques would slowly gain power over time the longer they existed. Releasing the Elliptical orbs of darkness, he converted it into massive amounts of mana to support his dark magic. Still, he kept many of it around himself to utterly maximize his defenses. Having a grand total of several thousand orbs, he had over 200 darkness shields, a far greater pool of mana, and much more potent dark attacks. Activating Void's Eye, Chthonic Energy and Thanato's Quintessence, he enhanced his dark techniques further as he unleashed the Fog of Deprivation (a backdrop of freezing dryness), and Void's Curation (an energy-absorbing technique). Subsequently, he generates an Apocalyptic Devastation to encompass the area around himself passively, annihilating things which pass through, and forms Midnight Suns (gigantic orbs of darkness which bend light and possess much energy). With the remaining remnants of Dark Energy, he creates Void Shards which swirl around himself protectively, and several Mirroring Shadows to cast more spells. The combination of Light and Dark creates would form an extreme defense against most forms of conventional attack.

Then, Decaun took it a step further, and summoned both the Mythical Carnax and Trigoras the Trinity Dragon, imbuing them with far more Mana then they normally would possess. The former would act as an extreme defense, and the latter a medium for offensive elemental attacks. Summoning forth more energy, Decaun imbues them with a shield comprised of "Shape Mana", which collapses all forms of energy as they pass through, blocking attacks through the use of reality itself. Decaun then enters the "Infinity" State, and summons an extremely powerful variation of Rexxius. Being comprised entirely of Mana, with the ability to strike the enemy with Element X/their weakness, he would be instrumental in the later attack. To support Rexxius, Decaun casts Spatial Masquerade, obscuring the powerful Rexxius from all detectable means. Using his newfound Mana, he then unleashes uber powerful variations of Shocking Static, MegaShock, and Akdranor's Searing Essence, vastly enhancing Trigoras's elemental capabilities, even providing vast amounts of Akdranor's Fuel. Following which, he casts Unholy Masquerade on the Mythical Carnax, rendering him more invisible as compared to Rexxius.

If that wasn't enough, Decaun also began entering the state of Equilibrium, readily unleashing his well-known spells such as Entropic Reapers flooding the battlefield, unleashing Disharmonic Nullification (slowing down all things around him via entropy), summoning blades of Ender (a powerful sword combining light and dark energy), and releasing many Orbs of Entropy (an aura where all Entropic Attacks are enhanced). He would place these orbs down later to form monoliths which heal all entropic creatures. Using his great focus in this state, he then enhances his preliminary darkness and light defenses, forming a more cohesive defense which supplements itself. As the Entropic Reapers around him continue to reap, they also generate Ender Crystals, which continually regenerate Decaun's Mana, and absorb energy from wherever it is, allowing Decaun to continue his slew of spells. At this point, the area around Decaun was filled with Ender Crystals, Orbs of Entropy, Entropic Flames and Entropic Ice, each supplying Decaun enough energy to cast Chrono-Stagnation around himself, forming a sphere comprising both Light and Dark energies which strengthen Entropic Energies and slow down time, while simultaneously "equalizing" any excess energy from any enemy. Within the sphere, Decaun then summoned the Equinox Dragon and Nephiloxx the Oblivion King, to act as further defenses for himself within the sphere. Ending off, Decaun opted not to enter his Entropic Equilibrium state, due to its short time limit, instead choosing to summon the physical manifestation of his ultimate technique, Chronoscythe, and wielding it in his hand. Around Decaun, one could see the countless beams of light, the extremely powerful white knight, innumerable void shards, midnight suns, apocalyptic beams of darkness, swords of light and dark, Entropic Reapers, Trigoras, a sphere of death, the Equinox Dragon, the Oblivion King, and last but not least the oppressive aura of the Chronoscythe itself.

"I guess that's about enough for me." Decaun shrugged, while overkill surrounded him.

Serelinity was the last among them, and rightfully so. He had the largest arsenal of potential abilities, yet he had no idea where to start considering that he rarely found the need to combine his own techniques together. Deciding to try his hand at it, he first activated 2 of his Biological Abilities, namely Energetic Transcendence, and Hyper-Speed Energy Expulsion/Generation, granting him far greater total energy capacities which expanded his reserves and power output exponentially. Combined with his Endless Energy Spring, Serelinity literally flooded the area with incredible amounts of power, unbounded by his seal. Following which, he activates "Best of Both Worlds", combining both Abject Attachment and Enlightenment, further enhancing his telekinesis and physical capacity to better support his vastly increased energy output. Then, incorporating all of it into Experience, he began re-enacting all his past defensive moves, putting them together to increase his strength. To do so, he began drawing forth more energy from the Endless Energy Spring, using it to fuel Intertwining Connection, giving his body the properties of his allies, highly adaptive, efficient and uncompromising. Using Chain Perception, he linked himself to the perception of Nacule, altering his movements and vastly enhancing his speed in all of its forms, and integrated it via Property Integration. Then, he imbued every fiber of his body with the "potential" of Contact Force Reversal, granting his body impunity to most isolated attacks. Following which, he coupled it with a Duo Force Annihilation, confining its area of effect to a minimal area, and building up the strength behind Contact Force Reversal. Next, he repeatedly, continually unleashed countless Form Projections to meld with his self, and form countless "Asuras" around him from the Form Projections, creating an ever-more powerful shield of defense. The extreme amount of energy condensed around him made for an extreme sight, courtesy of him being the only one with a pseudo-limitless supply of energy among the 4 of them. To supplement his abilities further, he then generates a time conduit, dilating time in the area around himself, yet still remaining at the same speed. Doing so, most attacks would slow down immensely upon coming into contact with it, allowing Serelinity the opportunity to react accordingly. Then, he summons forth the condensed energies of Flow, Illusion and Experience, the 3 aspects which make up Chi, and condense it into the Armour of the 3 Omens, while he himself becomes the Exemplar of Chi. Maximizing all his techniques, he creates a tornado of utter chaos around himself, filling it with Chi blasts and other assorted techniques. If this wasn't enough, Serelinity continued to activate moves like Death's Touch, conjure Solid Chi to strengthen his armour at different points, such as forming clawed gauntlets, and even include Chain Reaction in his very own attacks. Finally, he creates amorphous blobs of Solid Chi around him, conjuring them to surround his tornado-like aura, and forming massive tendrils around it. Fuelling it with the Endless Energy Spring, the sentient Amorphous Blob acts as an impenetrable shield as far as Serelinity is concerned.

As Serelinity looks around, he muses, "Well it seems mine sucks. Oh well, it's more than enough." Serelinity sighed, but felt pumped up nonetheless from seeing each other possess their own unique, powerful combinations of defense and offense.

Hearing the bell in the training area strike, they all flew off with their techniques surrounding them, each user generating a maelstrom around themselves as they moved towards their designated locations. Nacule's maelstrom aura was dark green in colour, Bisani's a dark yellow, Decaun's a mixture of black and white, and Serelinity's a deep shade of blue. As they travelled through space, they created massive distortions which disrupted many forms of communication, and seemed to be a highly dangerous space storm. As they flew towards Herul, taking the route avoiding the power bases, the 4 of them contacted the Earth's President.

"Are the preparations complete? We are about to attack." Serelinity messaged Kuzon Jr. telepathically.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Sombre Star Squadron were discussing a matter of grave importance.

"So, do you think we'll be banned by the Character Committee?" Nacule asked.

"I don't know man, you know how they get touchy over our awesomeness" Decaun replied.

"Well, I guess you can say that this is literally a 'life or death' situation for us!" Bisani laughed, as they all continued flying towards planet Herul.

"Yes, the preparations are complete, and we are just about to attack the Power Bases." Kuzon replied.

"How much of the base do we destroy?" Serelinity then asked, wondering if Kuzon would restrict them this time.

"20% of the base. That's all we need for our plans to succeed." Kuzon replied.

"We shall move out now." Serelinity announced. And so they moved out.

"So, how much can we destroy this time?" Decaun asked Serelinity, curious how much they could do this time.

"Seems like we can destroy 20% of the base this time." Serelinity replied to Decaun, and getting hyped up as he continued his own acceleration.

"YEAAAAAAAAA! We can destroy 20% of a sun sized planet! How cool is that? That's like wrecking over 20 Earths!" Decaun replied, excited like a child.

"Very well then. Let's not disappoint Kuzon shall we?" Nacule commented, ever so eager to wreak havoc on the Herulean planet.

"Let's go then! It's show time!" Bisani shouted, his speeds multiplying as he blasted off towards Planet Herul.

In the next instant, they arrived right outside Planet Herul with their insane speed. Herulean forces immediately detected their presence, and began to fire at will, identifying them as enemies. They did not manage to identify Bisani, however, as he had transformed into an amalgamation of his Presence Avatars and Appetite Demon.

Unleashing their full firepower, combined with the strength of the Power Bases, they attacked the Sombre Star Squadron with lasers, holonetted bullets, and other assorted weapons.

However, they were destroyed by the combined might of the defenses generated by the 4 characters, as the lasers were refracted under the dense Ki, converted into energy, eaten, reflected, sliced to bits, outright absorbed, or even sent back at them. The vast density of defenses generated by the 4 could not be bypassed via simple planetary defenses. Even if they did come from 20% of the planet.

Meanwhile, the Heruleans, going for the simplest path, opted to send many of their ships towards the SSS. Firing even more powerful bullets, each encased in holonets, they desired to disintegrate their opponents. However, the SSS simply moved to the side, allowing Bisani's gravity to take effect and causing the bullets to orbit around Bisani. As the bullets grew faster and faster due to Bisani's gravity, Bisani then disabled it at the right moment, sending the bullets blasting back at all the ships, outright breaking through all the holonets. Expanding their "area of defense", the auras of the 4 of them began rapidly growing in diameter and size, their techniques outright ripping apart many ships from the sheer chaos within the defenses the 4 of them had created. Thousands of ships were rapidly destroyed by the Destructo Discs, Entropic Reapers, Presence Avatars, Appetite Energy Beams, Leg knives, Contact Force Reversals, Solid Chi attacks, Amorphous Blob Tentacles which dragged and destroyed the ships through sheer power, Light Bullets impaling the ships, Midnight Suns absorbing them, and Decaun's energy-draining spells wrecking them. Nacule, using his Matter Dematerialization, also disintegrated many of the ships which got close, not holding back in any way. Bisani's Mugen Kugi Punches vastly accelerated the ships to relativistic speeds, forcing them backwards to collide with the rest of millions of ships, becoming a projectile using their weapons and defenses against them.

This created vast pandemonium amidst the Heruleans. It was rare that their weapons could be turned against them, and by a combined force of such variation that there was no real weakness amidst their defense. Meanwhile, they knew that they could not play a battle of attrition as they saw the Entropic Reapers get exponentially larger as the battle went on. Opting to maximize their offensive capabilities, the millions of ships began fusing together, using their connective features to form a gigantic robot towering over the SSS and their defense, as well as vastly empowering the strength of their holonet. Generating a gigantic laser, similar to the massive energy blast used by the Uber Charged Cannon, they began concentrating all of their energy within the millions of lasers equipped throughout, altering its aiming to that of "homing".

They then fired the massive shot of energy, all of which compounded onto a single point before firing a gigantic laser at the entire SSS. However, Decaun casted a Power Word Giant onto Trigoras, and had Trigoras stand in the way of the gigantic laser. It absorbed the vast amounts of heat and lightning that the laser shot at it, its scales overloading with power and glowing a fiery red, a trait it rarely got from energy alone. With its strength increasing, it then fired all the energy it gained from the blast in the form of several spells. First, it unleashed a massive blast of fire comprised of Akdranor's Flame, combining it with Akdranor's fuel and spewing it all over the gigantic ship. This vastly hindered their sight as communications began breaking down. Trigoras then unleashed a massive Energy Attack, short circuiting and frying most of their systems with an extreme excess of energy, disrupting recovery processes. Nacule and Decaun, desiring to damage it further, then unleashed their horde of Destructo Discs, Light Beams and Entropic Reapers, shredding the ship from the micro to the macro scale, as Nacule began disintegrating the remnants for vast amounts of energy. The Heruleans within the ship, despite having their armour, had no choice but to evacuate due to the excessive number of attacks exceeding the capacity which their holonet armour could handle.

Trigoras, with his newfound energy, then began to cause chaos amidst the enemy ships, drawing away enemy fire from the SSS, even though that is not even needed. Capitalizing on this distraction, they then began charging up their power even more, gaining control of whatever energies they might have gained during this section of battle. Meanwhile, the Heruleans opted to unleash their superweapons, aiming to minimize future casualties from this massively powerful threat. As the Uber Charged Cannons unleashed their full power, they struck many different facets of the SSS's defense. One struck Nacule's Metal head on, where the full energy of the technique was then transferred into Bisani. As Bisani was in his Appetite Demon form, he promptly ate the energy at an extremely rapid rate, using the energy to regenerate the injuries he was incurring from the energy transfer. Another aspect of the Uber Charged Cannon's laser approached Decaun rapidly, and struck him from behind, even though he had the Chronoscythe he wielded and Decaun's own Chrono-Stagnation and Disharmonic Equilibrium spells. However, as he was in his Equilibrium state, the damage was almost instantly neutralized, and he was barely singed. As his Chronoscythe touched the Uber Charged Cannon's Laser, it then froze in time and its energy was then converted into Mana, and absorbed into him.

Nacule, however, faced more problems. While he managed to block the technique, his Anti-Ki had problems extracting the energy. To solve this, he generated a gigantic wall of Extra-Dimensional Metal, which absorbed the energy from the physical impact it had. Using the high heat capacity of the Extra Dimensional Metal, Nacule successfully managed to generate a never-ending wall (where Nacule dematerialized the evaporated extra-dimensional metal and rematerialized a colder version of it at the back, absorbing the changes in temperature of the metal to gain more power) which shielded him from the Uber Charged Cannon.

For Serelinity, however, it was a simple thing. Using his Solid Chi, he had it neutralize the laser by rapidly absorbing the energy from it as it got heated up by the Laser.

It was then that the Heruleans knew that they had to send out their "big guns", or advanced weaponry so to speak. Viewing the situation as "getting out of hand", they begun sending out all their advanced weaponry, using the remainder of the ships to stall for time. The leftover ships used the last of their energy to generate a massive vector holonet, redirecting the forces throughout the shield and making it such that the entire shield has to be destroyed before it gives way.

However, in the face of the sheer multitude of attacks coming from the 4 members, where the Entropic Reapers, Light Beams, Void Shards, Chi Blasts, Amorphous Blobs, Destructo Discs, Appetite Energy struck the shield from within, it was clear that the shield would not hold for long.

But it held them back long enough. The moment the vector holonet was broken, their entire line of sight was filled with that of a vast number of C-10s to C-90 ships, all attacking them with their multitude of weapons.

In the next instant, the advanced weaponry struck the 4 shields they all had. Nacule's Destructo Discs spontaneously exploded from contact with the erf goo coating all the weapons, creating explosion which filled the sky. The weapons proceeded with little change in their momentum as most of the destructo discs barely cut into the weaponry before they were forced to spontaneously detonate. With Nacule's control, this was completely unexpected.

The weapons, coated in erf goo, proceeded barely deterred. Dampening the impact of their countless blasts, with their equally countless number of missiles, bullets, and other assorted advanced weaponry, the Herulean weapons barely slowed down as they approached the SSS, and so, some of the bullets actually punctured through the shields, leaving the SSS members to fend for themselves. The summons by Decaun, however, managed to hold their own, in particular the Mythical Carnax, the Entropic Creatures and Trigoras, while Rexxius, being made of pure mana, was struggling to maintain his own form.

Nacule, with his limited capacity, was forced to absorb the impact using his Nacule's metal, slowing it down and absorbing its energy just enough for him to begin dematerializing it, internalizing its molecular structure and learning how to re-formulate it as he began to disintegrate more erf goo from the advanced weaponry. This was while he struck the bullets away using his now explosive Ki and telekinesis. It didn't help that his Ki Kinesis barriers were now useless against the Heruleans, however. Thus, the Sombre Star Squadron found their defenses one member weaker, as Nacule began finding ways around this limitation whilst suffering from the effects of containing Ki within his body (which turned explosive in contact).

The others, such as Star Serelinity and Decaun, began finding the erf goo and advanced weaponry annoying as well. Not only did they possess the vast explosive power of several supernovae, they were also virtually impervious to most forms of attack, utterly absorbing the energy received and resisting the effect of energy absorption. With Serelinity generating such a vast amount of Chi, the erf goo was only made stronger by comparison, allowing the gigantic Phukyu Missiles the opportunity to deal even greater damage. Thus, they were forced to create even more powerful defenses to endure the attack, such as dispersing its effect via Chrono Stagnation, Disharmonic Nullification, as well as summoning forth Ender Crystals to absorb the impact of the attacks. Many Entropic Reapers were dispersed in the process of defending, as they absorbed the impact of the explosions, at a rate close to their rate of replenishment, weakening Decaun's defensive capabilities.

Only Bisani, with his Appetite Energy and pure physical techniques, was faring quite well against these techniques. The Mugen Kugi Punches, Mold Spears, Hair Spatulas, Sound techniques, and Bisani's extreme speed served to cleave the attacks in half in lieu of the force behind his ranged blows. As for those with Erf Goo on them, Bisani found it easy enough to eat them, and used the sticky and firm nature of Erf Goo as a form of punching bag against the missile, sending countless shockwaves into it and seeing how far it could stretch. These missiles which were sent back by Bisani acted as a miniature, temporal barrier which gave the other SSS members time to adapt to the onslaught.

In that period of time, Nacule converted the barriers into stronger Rildo's Metal (dampening the speed of the missiles and bullets), Extra-Dimensional Metal (which was very hard to melt), and began to dematerialize the erf goo used by the enemies. He had also generated an atmosphere around himself and begun unleashing chakra, bringing all of the Ki unleashed before back into himself for defense. The Chakra formed massive spiral twisters, created from the various Rasengan variants, and elemental barriers designed to weaken all things passing through it. He combined this with the Shadow Clone Jutsu, forming clones of himself which fired a vast barrage of Kunai and other assorted projectiles, all created using his Magic Materialization, and enhanced using Kunai Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, creating a wall of projectiles which transferred kinetic energy into the enemy's attacks, slowing them down further and weakening them. Dust Release techniques were also utilized to get rid of leftover enemy debris, and unleash more explosions to hamper the enemy's attempts at assault.

Serelinity, seeing his pure energy having little to no effect on the enemy assault, then opted to unleash Form Projections instead, physical manifestations of his own physical strikes. Unleashing them onto the various missiles, they countered the vast numbers of missiles with their own vast number, preventing the enemy attacks from coming close and pushing the enemy assault backwards.

Decaun, while coping better than the other 2, decided that the best solution was a brute force solution. Entering his very own Entropic Equilibrium, he unleashed Karmic Space Synthesis onto the space around himself, forcing it to enter a state of irreversible entropy. Through the physical manifestation of it, this technique began wreaking havoc unto the enemy attacks, absorbing the impact of most of the explosions readily, through its rapid dispersal of those energies. Then, he used his Mana to spread this space, giving his Entropic Reapers and other Entropic Creatures a greater platform to unleash their sheer power, increasing their rate of growth and mana generation for Decaun. Doing so, Decaun began the vast and dangerous process of summoning the Primordial Entropic Carnax.

Meanwhile, the situation seemed to improve, as the SSS's attacks held their own against the vast amount of munitions being sent at them, and even seemed to be winning. However, things were not that simple, as the truth was that the Heruleans were aligning Exploding Goo Capsules with Master Missiles, equipped with Piercing Rods, with the Rod Gates as well limiting the SSS's capacity to block the Master Missiles before they were unleashed.

The SSS, shifting their focus to their attackers, saw this, and increased the intensity of their assault. Unleashing many Rasengans, Ki Beams, Form Projections, Contact Force Reversals, Mugen Kugi Punches, Matter Dematerialization, and Mugen Leg Knives, they attempted to breach the powerful erf goo barrier generated by the Heruleans. Sadly, they weren't fast enough.

The next instant, the Master Missiles blasted through. Coating themselves and the Goo Capsules from earlier, their durability increased drastically as they flew towards the Sombre Star Squadron, resisting most of the techniques of the SSS. In particular, Nacule's explosive Ki was insufficient in sending the Master Missiles toward another direction.

Thus, the SSS decided, that it was time for one of their "collaboration attacks".

Firstly, Nacule, Bisani, Decaun and Serelinity begin condensing a massive amount of energy into a single point, which would form the core of the technique. Comprising Transcendent Ki, Appetite Energy (Ou Shoku Bansan), Karmic Space Synthesis, and Solid Chi, the core formed became extremely dense and impervious to assault. Bringing all their defenses together, Decaun compressed the Entropic Reapers into a space surrounding the sphere, where they continually reaped and multiplied in number, creating a vast amount of contained Entropic Energy which would disrupt enemy attacks, while Bisani's Leg Knives, Nacule's Destructo Discs and Serelinity's tentacles added to the carnage present in the second layer. Then, to contain this destructive power, Nacule used his Spirit Energy to generate a massive Ki and Chakra barrier around the previous 2 techniques, alongside's Serelinity's supply of Chi, Decaun's Light Orbs and Void Shards and Midnight's Spark, as well as Bisani's Mugen Kugi Punches. This would act as a source of momentum and energy which supplements and empowers the entire attack. After which, using the incredible manipulation they each possess, they then began formulating an aura of destruction around it, with Decaun empowering the technique with his Aura and Chrono-Stagnation, creating an area of quantum space where attacks can freely reformulate and disperse in an instant. Nacule, feeling the need to make the technique more powerful, incorporated his Chakra manipulation to form 20 Rasenshuriken layers around it, each comprising several elements enhancing the deadliness of the attack, while enhancing it with generic Ki enhancements, strengthening the foundations of each element to be able to deal more damage. Bisani, using his swords, began using far more powerful versions of Leg Knives - Sword Slashes, and directed the extremely powerful sword shockwaves and unleashing poison to occupy the space within Rasenshuriken layers, far enhancing its offensive capacity. Serelinity, using his manipulation over the flow of time, drastically altered the flow of time around the technique, multiplying its inherent power to an extreme extent. As a final touch, Bisani then released a Deathly Sound throughout the entire attack, forcing it to strike at every target's resonant frequency, maximizing the damage it would deal.

At this point of time, the Master Missile was nearing the SSS, and their shields were practically gone from channelling it into this technique.

Unleashing the final attack, the 4 of them unleashed their 4 strongest blows - Nacule with his Spirit Energy Punch, Bisani with his Emperor's Enbu, Ultimate Routine Mugen Ice Pick Kugi Punch, Decaun with his Infinity + Chronoscythe combo, and Serelinity with his old but gold Contact Force Reversal.

"Mortality Sphere!" The SSS said as they released their techniques.

The technique gained so much momentum, that barely an instant had passed when it collided with the Master Missile, which generated a massive explosion containing the power of 30 Supernovae alongside the powerful, elastic goo which resisted the impact of the Mortality Sphere.

As they clashed, massive, explosive sparks were formed. The power of 30 supernovae attempted to penetrate through the vast majority of techniques which guarded the sphere, utterly annihilating the particles which neared it, turning it back into simple energy as it continued attempting to best the power of Erf goo, which absorbed ever more power from the Mortality Sphere. Yet, As the Erf Goo was, ultimately, a physical object, it eventually gave in to the sheer molecule-ripping power contained within the Mortality Sphere itself, which rapidly chipped away at the Master Missile's Erf Goo and endured its explosive force.

Rapidly, the technique, looking like a twenty-fold Rasenshuriken with seemingly innumerable layers of destruction layered within, blasted past the Master Missiles and went straight toward the vast number of advanced ships, exploding in a vast, inexplicable manner. Countless sword shockwaves, Karmic Space Synthesis, Leg Knives, Destructo Discs, Light Beams, Void Shards, Midnight's Spark, Arrows, Tentacles, Elements, so on and so forth which ripped apart the enemy forces despite their powerful Vector Holonets, as it was unable to withstand the onslaught of the combined techniques which broke past their defenses like Trunks' sword through Frieza. The Entropic Reapers, having gained a crapton of energy, became miniature Chromalekhs with Chronoscythes which rapidly annihilated whatever could not be destroyed by other techniques, turning the technique into a sentient force of nature with direction, as the Chromalekhs proceeded to direct the techniques to expand in a manner most effective in the annihilation of enemy forces.

Then, as the last of the enemy ships are cleared, with the SSS members dodging and countering the attacks of the leftover ships, they pulled the leftover energies of their technique back into their shields and redirected their attention toward the planet itself.

"So, 20% of it huh?" Decaun asked, wanting to clarify.

"Yep, 20% only." Nacule answered.

"Well that sounds awesome." Bisani commented, cracking his knuckles and looking down on the planet.

"What're you guys waiting for? LET'S GO!" Serelinity charged forward, striking the Holonet with Contact Force Reversals, rapidly wrecking the barrier by unleashing the full impact of his Duo Force Annihilations, shattering the holonets despite their immense power.

"It seems we still can't deny that you have a huge amount of power." Bisani mused, as he charged after Serelinity, unleashing Appetite Energy to eat the energy contained within the holonet.

"TIME FOR A PREEMPTIVE STRIKE!" Decaun shouted, seeing the massive battle cannons situated throughout the surface of the planet, and the innumerable number of jets flying like a swarm towards them. Entering his Void Phantom State, as well as Infinity, and summoning a giant skeletal archer army and Entropic Reapers, he unleashed his unmatched offensive power unto the surface, creating massive explosions, craters, and destroying many battlements with the sheer number of powerful missiles directed at each one, practically puncturing through the holonets.

"Don't steal all the kills, you nitwit!" Nacule shouted, unleashing billions of Ki Beams and Lasers like Bahamut, impaling the many ships like tentacles and sending them flying onto the planet as if they were massive projectiles, while disintegrating them all with his Magic Dematerialization to gain more power to release more lasers and destructo discs.

"I won't lose out to you all, fools!" Bisani kicked off, travelling at an extreme speed downwards, and used his Emperor's Enbu, Mugen Kugi Punch, and Vibration of Death to execute a massive, enormous meteor strike at several hundred locations at once, creating massive spikes from the ground as the shockwave reverberated throughout the landscape, destroying many attack structures as the Xoclovians were forced to escape to the surface to avoid imminent death. Bisani then begun engaging all of them in a massive melee showdown, defeating thousands of Xoclovians with his powerful Nail Punches and Scatter Nail Punches.

"Guys, you do know that I WAS THE ONE WHO BROKE THE BARRIER RIGHT?!?" Serelinity raged as he charged through after them, creating Form Projections which began wrecking havoc onto the enemy as he engaged them in melee, skilfully avoiding their strikes with his advanced expertise.

This would continue for some time, where Decaun and Nacule gradually descended after countering the massive air firepower of the Heruleans while unleashing more techniques to deal with them, whereas Bisani and Serelinity dealt with the vast, innumerable numbers of Xoclovians which attempted to use brute force to counter them. Meanwhile, Decaun's magical summons, such as Trigoras, Rexxius, Entropic Dragon, and Nephiloxx the Oblivion King descended to fight the troops in their own turf.

"FINALLY HE IS HERE! THE ONE THAT WILL TURN THE TIDE OF THIS WAR!" Decaun chanted in a highly ominous fashion as he summoned the Primordial Entropic Carnax unto the battlefield, converting the Mythical Carnax from before into this new form. Ender Blades began raining down, littering the battlefield with Entropic Energy as the enemies were rapidly killed, while the Entropic Carnax stomped its way through all the enemies, utterly negating powerful techniques sent at it and receiving minor damage from weak ones.

The energies then begun getting seeped from the area, as the Primordial Entropic Carnax unleashed the fury of its attacks in a rage. Using its telekinesis, it generated a massive tornado which began wrecking the area, tearing it apart from its foundations. Unleashing its Entropic Flames and Ender Crystals, alongside all the already-existing Entropic Reapers, the area begun breaking apart rapidly. Unleashing Massive plasma balls and neon lightning, most electrical structures were torn apart, while it released pure mana from its mouth, altering and destroying the landscape by collapsing reality on it.

This would continue on for an hour or so, where they slowly moved across the battlefield with all these powerful attacks, becoming a powerful force of nature which slowly destroyed the Herulean and Xoclovian forces. At that point, 20% of Planet Herul's forces would be beaten.

At this point, the Herulean forces had already regenerated their shields, adamant on preventing further enemy forces from entering the planet.

Nacule's Rampage Arc

It was the end of the Ultimate Battle with Ninthalor, Nacule was knocked out on his home world of Namek, and Bisani rendered completely unconscious on his own Primordial Gourmet World, protected only by his former guardians, the Nitro. Decaun and Serelinity, knowing that their time here was up, left this realm and went back to their own worlds from which they came.

As Nacule awoke, he learned that entire worlds celebrated Ninthalor's death, and that Ian's funeral had passed. The Lookout Crew tended to each other leaving Nacule, battered and beaten, right on Namek, not bothering to inform him or even heal him, let alone recognize him for his efforts against Ninthalor. Attempting to find his friends, he discovered that Decaun and Serelinity were completely gone, and then found Bisani.

Teleporting there, he bore the brunt of the incredible planet Bisani resided upon. He saw Bisani in a state perfectly healthy, yet unconscious. No matter how Nacule called to him, Bisani did not respond.

"Bisani, are you there? The war is over, it is time for our daily spar." Nacule spoke.

"..." Was what Nacule heard, for Bisani did not respond.

"Bisani? Speak to me. I know you are perfectly fine, just look at you!" Nacule jabbed Bisani, hoping he would awaken.

Yet no response was ever made.

It was then that Nacule knew Bisani's state. He feared this would happen to Bisani, yet it did anyway. He intimately understood that Bisani could not be brought back from this unconscious form. And so he cried out, in rage and despair.

He was alone.

Nacule warped back to Namek, his fists clenched in anger, his very blood, now energy, bleeding from his palms. He smashed the ground, once in anger, twice in despair, his very energies cascading from his very body into the environment, dematerializing Namek itself. He raged for he was alone, and he reflected on all that was done by the Lookout Crew. He saw, with his own eyes, their faults, and their roles in the acts they perpetrated against him and his friends. His group was treated like dogs, to be unleashed against their enemies as they wanted, but never able to oppose the Lookout Crew for their hypocritical ways. He understood that his friends had sacrificed more than ever, for a group who wasn't even partly grateful.

"Despicable." Nacule thought, as anger flooded his mind. Kuzon Jr. arrived to stop him, attempting to speak his own brand of reason, and cited the excuse that "You are free to join any fight you wished, there were no restrictions".

Funny how the reality isn't so.

Nacule saw the very hypocrisy in that statement, and charged to strangle KJ, his Transcendental Ki flooding his body as his arm and Telekinesis held KJ in place, utterly draining KJ and absorbing his energy, only to realize this Kuzon Jr. was a dud.

"Coward." Nacule thought, as he charged towards Earth, aiming to find the hypocritical members of the Crew, only to be blocked by Kuzon, whom he trespassed easily by using Proximity Shift, charging toward Earth. Using his Magic Dematerialization, he began Dematerializing it, absorbing unfathomable amounts of power as KJ tried to stop him by calling forth the "Infinite Earths Backup", and then dragging Nacule back into the Void, a Dimension which absorbed Nacule's energies, be they ambient or within him.

"Foolish, Kuzon Jr. You cannot stop me." Nacule thought to himself as he summoned forth his impeccable control, preventing his energies from being drained and doing the reverse - he begun draining the very energies of the dimension's existence, shattering it and the other dimensions containing him until he ended up in the original world. Imbued with great power, he goes to David, understanding that by defeating this freak he would gain the reputation required to show that he was truly a threat. Needless to say, David begun his attack by unleashing the Lance of Longinus, which was stopped by Telekinesis. When David followed it up, Nacule simply used Proximity Lock, preventing himself from ever being touched by it ever, then he manoeuvred himself behind David, forcing David to halt his assault.

Then, he did something unexpected, he materialized Nacule's Metal throughout the whole area. As Nacule's Metal channels all energy directed to it elsewhere, it was quite literally immovable for the most part. Using this power, Nacule trapped David within it, preventing him from attacking or even moving or face ultimate destruction from the infinite energies generated by his Lance of Longinus.

Then, David casted Logic Denial, denying Logic for himself alone and preventing his own annihilation from the infinite energies generated from moving the Lances of Longinus. The Lances then assaulted Nacule, but to no avail for Nacule was already out of the area, knowing that as David denied logic applying to himself, his attacks similarly cannot be directed logically as well. In doing so David was trapped by all the infinite energies that he alone wrought upon himself, as Nacule absorbed vast amounts of this "infinite energy".

As Nacule left, he applied Raw Spirit into the explosions, preventing it from ever being resisted. This would eventually lead to David Vafer's annihilation as soon as Logic Denial ran out, and annihilated, David was.

Nacule then teleported to Mars, the "God of Death", seeking the remnants of his friends for it was said that he could sense their death. However, much to his great ire, Mars could only see the deaths of those who have "Souls", of which none of his friends and himself have had.

Sharing his lamentations, Nacule entered a hyper state of concentration, activating the 8 Gates of Focus. His powers transcended what Mars was familiar with, and was more akin to the realm of Ninthalor. Unleashing his energies, he unleashed Raw Annihilation just as David reappeared and placed his hand on Nacule's back, annihilating David a second time and destabilizing the dimension further.

"Where is Asura?" Nacule spoke, his voice menacing. He had bones to pick with many Lookout members, but Asura was one he was particularly angered by, for Asura had criticized Bisani before, despite Bisani doing no wrong, and this eventually led to Bisani's current state.

"Nacule, just calm down." Replied Mars.

Needless to say, this was not the reply Nacule was expecting.

"Well, Asura is obviously on Earth, shouldn't be too hard to find, why are you bothering me?" Mars queried.

"There are infinite Earths." Nacule coldly spoke.

"...What?" Mars wondered out loud as Nacule took his head and smashed the God of Death's head on a dimensional wall, showing to him the current status of Earth.

"...Man KJ does some weird shet" Mars replied. "I have absolutely no idea where Asura is, go see Leo, he can see everything."

With that statement, Nacule disappears to Earth, just when Kuzon deactivates the Infinite Earths. Upon reappearing at Kuzon's office, with Nacule's power at levels unparalleled, he smashed Kuzon's head on the wall, leaving only slight injuries.

"That was for all the troubles you have wrought, supposed "Leader"," Nacule spoke harshly as he disappeared once more heading towards Leogian.

"LEOGIAN!" Nacule calls out, as David decides to hang around near Nacule once more. As Nacule shouted, he unleashed another massive burst of Raw Annihilation, annihilating David a 3rd time across several dimensions.

"Where. The Hell. Is Asura." Nacule asked, his voice clearly serious.

"Prolly on Earth, what do you need me for?" Leogian replied.

"I need, to find, Asura." Nacule replied. He was more civil for Leogian was the closest to him and his former members.

"Couldn't you like, search the Earth in a yacttosecond or something?" Leogian queried.

"He's unconscious, in dream space or something. Point me to him." Nacule requested.

As Leogian pointed to Nacule the direction of Asura's location, he disappeared.

"ASURA!" Nacule shouted, smashing Asura with Bisani's body.

"IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU BISANI IS IN THIS STATE!" Nacule rampaged, unleashing massive punches and kicks and smashing Asura with Bisani's body, all the while kicking Asura in the balls. Kneeing his head and causing him to fall over, he then grabs his legs and smashes him on the floor with his head once more.

"Stop lying to yourself!" Asura shouted, rebuking Nacule.

"IT WAS BECAUSE OF YOUR XENOPHOBIA, THAT BISANI FORCED HIMSELF TO GO THIS FAR! For having never killed a single ally, YOU BLAMED HIM FOR ALMOST KILLING THEM! While he gave his all against Ninthalor, WHERE! WERE! YOU?!?" Nacule raged as he continued striking Asura.

"I was protecting the Earth from Ninthalor! I was tasked to remain here to defend this place!" Asura excused himself.

"And yet, in the end you did nothing." Nacule spoke, energy gathering in his palms. "What else can you possibly do?"

"I can heal him!" Asura spoke, believing that his magic could recover Bisani to his former state.

"You would succeed where millions of senzu beans have failed?" Nacule questioned as he saw Asura did his magic, deciding to stop attacking Asura.

It did not work.

"I'll look into his mind instead." Asura spoke, firmly believing that he could bring Bisani back.

Yet, all he saw was a void, empty and unrelenting. Absolutely Nothing pervaded the realm, and he saw Nothing of use. Leaving Bisani's mind, he shook his head, a sign that the plan had failed.

"I'm sorry." Asura spoke, for he could not do any more to help Bisani.

"I believe it is time for you to repent, for forcing him this far." Nacule glared.

"How--?!?" Asura spoke, as his palms and feet were suddenly pinned by Nacule's Transcendental Ki, breaking right through his great Avatar.

"Perhaps hanging on a cross might suit you." Nacule spoke, venom in his voice. His energies were surging, energies and speed akin to even Ninthalor Duur himself as Asura powered up, unleashing the full strength of his Avatar.

Meanwhile, Nacule's energies reigned supreme, for he had no qualms about using an energy he had forbidden himself to use in the past - Spirit Energy. Combining the energies he had gained from David's destroyed existences, the infinite energies from the Lances of Longinus, and the Eye of Spirit he had activated alongside the 8th Gate of Focus, his power was quite literally, unparalleled. He was nearing the maximum epitome of potential, his energies swirling at a degree and power unmatched by most, if not all. As they stood in a standoff, his energies broke all known limits and its concentration grew to unparalleled levels.

"Now then, it's payback time." Nacule spoke, power in his voice.


  • They are Anti-Heroes
  • They are the first to be able to stand against the combined might of the Lookout Crew - and win
  • They are known as the strongest members of the Lookout Crew
  • While they are clearly not affiliated with Lookout (as of now), they still fight the Lookout Crew members in spars if they desire so.
  • They only attack when a large proportion of Lookout members are present.
  • They still join arcs at times
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