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Shisai is a power priest of the Mao racial group.

Professional Status
Personal Status
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Shisai is a small, anthropomorphous light blue cat. Being a Mao, he has cat-like features with whiskers, cat-like ears and nose. His attire consists of a Mitre with a priest insignia on it, huge readig glasses, a red scarf adorned by a blue-colored ornament and a dark-blue shirt.

In Unlock Potential: Level Five, Shisai grows taller and his body changes into a much more muscled tone. His scarf becomes somewhat a cape and his lower attire turns into long white trousers. Shisai's glasses are placed on his Mitre while he is in this form. His ears grows longer and fuzzy whiskers protrude on either side of his face and below his chin.


Leogian Wings - He has the ability to grow angel wings, and fly at will.

Unlock Potential - Shisai has the ability to transform into use the Mao made ability, Unlock Potential up to the fifth level of it.