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Ryan Bang

His name is an obvious pun of his profession in shotput. Aptly named Ryan Bang, he is one of the progenitors of the sport known as shotput, where in his universe; it is a universal sport everyone loves to play. He was one of the participants in the Universal Martial Arts Tournament, having lost to Nacule primarily due to his magic and telekinetic powers.


He is a wee young lad at the age of 15. This sport was invented by him at the age of 5, and has since become a popular galactic sport. Heralding from a universe with abdominal Upper-Body strength, he has beat them all in this aspect with his phenomenal skill in this sport. He has also attained a Master’s Degree in stealth, having sneaked past his master ever since the first lesson, and outdoing him in most areas. Most notably he has landed in the school compound with a planet on his back, all without making a sound.


Ryan Bang is an amiable person, soft most of the time, and extremely humorous. He is noted to have extreme strength and sometimes may go overboard accidentally during polite gestures.

Powers and Abilities

Absurd Strength: Ryan possesses absurd strength, the likes of which unheard of for his power level.

Impeccable Accuracy: Ryan has a habit of hitting just about anything.

Unmatched Stealth: He is able to conceal his power completely, with chi users being completely incapable of detecting his life force.


Shotput: Ryan fires extremely fast balls at the enemy, these grow in size as it maintains a constant speed, increasing its mass as it goes along.

Indestructible Bufflord: He is capable of turning his body virtually invulnerable temporarily, withstanding most energy/physical attacks.

Foolish Bang: He sends firing an omnidimensional ball, existing in all planes of reality. When the target is hit, it literally gets felt in all of his existences, and causes permanent damage to the ethereal parts of a person, despite the physical damage being less.

Forceful Crush: Ryan holds and pins the enemy down, following which he traps the opponent between his biceps, suffocating him.


Eldrog: Chaotic and Destructive in nature. Eldrog is a dog’s version of an Eldritch Abomination. It is able to manipulate and enhance any chaos to suit its purposes, and is enhanced by it. However, unlike Ke-Dog, Eldrog is also far more manipulative, cunning, and logical, which helps him reach the max extent of his capabilities,. Eldrog was given to Ryan Bang by an unknown source, and Ryan was the only one who has tamed it to a sufficient degree.

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