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Retuno is a man that hails from an unknown race. His name is unknown to people and is called the Frustation of the
for his incredible, unknown prowess. He was born on Earth, raised by Humans, and trained by himself.


Retuno has a muscular build and wears bandages that covers most of his face but his eyes. Retuno wears a red cloth with a black center on his forehead and has brown hair, his eyes are blue. He wears a grey sweater with a grey jacket on top of it. He has his sword strapped to his back.


Retuno is a rather lazy person, and since he is all alone, he never does anything, except if he is challenged or needs to do something. When he's not lazy, he wants to fight other strong swordsmen.


Swordsmanship - His sword is big and very heavy, but he is still able to move freely. He uses martial arts to improve his swordsmanship and be able to not lose.

Shotokan - Shotokan is a style of karate, developed from various martial arts. Shotokan is often regarded as a "hard" and "external" martial art. Retuno can use External Fist and Internal Fist as long as his ki reserves are running high.