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Opinion is Trag's adoptive father and master. He is 46 years of age and creator of the Wordbind ability.


Opinion has black shaggy hair with bangs that hang over his eyes and frame both sides of his face and pronounced creases underneath his eyes. His eyes are black with no eyelashes. In addition, he is tall and well-muscled. He wears a blue robe with yellow trimmings and a high collar.


Opinion is very strict as a father and master, also, he may not look like it but he is very hot-blooded. He orders Trag to do 200-800 push-ups every 30 minutes, which Trag dislikes. Aside from that, he is a nice, wise man.

Creation of Wordbind

Opinion was very fond of magic, but didn't know how to use it. One day, he fought a magic user and observed his movements, there he found the answer to making a technique activated by a simple phrase, he then passed the ability to his son, Trag.


  • Wordbind: Shake
  • Wordbind: Dragon
  • Wordbind: Crush
  • Wordbind: Fall
  • Wordbind: Heaven's Arrow