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Odonio is a Human with demon-like capabilities. He resides in Earth, specifically in the ruins of .


Odonio for his age, looks like a young, teenage person. He wears a white long-sleeved white jacket with a blue cloth hanging from half of his stomach to his knees, which has a purple rope around it, he wears dark blue pants. His sword is strapped to the back of his clothes.


Odonio absolutely loves his sword, he even sometimes say that his sword is his only friend. He hates it when he loses a a fight. For some reason, he is addicted to drinking sake, he always gets drunk.


Odonio has the ability to convert his ki into a dark, cold energy, where he is surrounded by a cloak of his own ki. It is shaped like a strange beast, with two tails waving. When his ki is at its darkest and coldest form, Odon himself will be the beast. It is called Hell Mode. In this mode, Odonio can extend the arms of ki and grab his opponents, his speed is also great. When Odonio, in Hell Mode, take step on solid ground, it shakes a lot. His swordsmanship is as good as his love for his sword.