Neo Reaper Isabeau 
is a mugen character made dragon ball character by me. She is more commonly referred to as "Neo Reaper Isabeau SSJ10". She was once called SSJ9, but she had an extreme upgrade that made her even more overpowered than before.

Natural Ability

Decimating Power Level

Similar to Rasetsu's own, Isabeau's power cannot be physicall expressed. Her mere footsteps causes her to leave behind holes and cracks in the fabric of reality.


Her strength is such that an accidental twitch of the index finger wipes away the physical existence of universes.


She's destroyed the concept of speed and it longer applies to her as she is omnipresent through it. She may appear at any point in time she desires.


The force of innumerable multiverses exploding against her does little more than tickle.


Universe Crash

Isabeau generates such ridiculous power that she effectively "crashes" the universe. From there she resets it, as everything becomes so jumbled and messed up that all time, space, and everything within freezes and ceases to function due to her power behaving erratically.


Super Saiyan 10

Isabeau is in a constant and perpetual state of Super Saiyan 10. Her power is constantly leaping forwards. The form is typically characterized by her white hair and tail.