This article, Lookout II (RP), is a Role-Play article.

Lookout II

Lookout II was the second series within the Lookout RP Universe. It began following a 375-year timeskip from Lookout I, to the Age 1500. It is a major cool down from its predecessor, with the universe having regressed in technological usage due to the extended period of peace, as well as cultural changes, which define the era. The Neo Lookout Crew are the warrior group that define L2. They are basically a new Lookout Crew (hence the name). It began on 9 January 2016 in RL and has yet to end.

It takes place in an entirely separate existence from its successor Lookout III, and continued even after it began.


Users on the wiki had developed their RP skills and matured greatly since the intro to L1, by the time L2 started. The wiki and RP was more organized, and so they were able to start fresh, new, weaker characters they could develop all the way through (whilst L1 started when they were younger and didn't care as much)