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Professional Status
Personal Status
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Kanza is Human. He killed almost ONE MILLION Humans durring the World War III.


He looks like Ryu, he has red eyes because of his evil deeds, red gi and gold hair. Because of his hair people were thinking he's Saiyan, but he answered to those people

"Hahaha! Same as every time. No, I'm not."


Early lifetime

Durring the WWIII many files were burned, so his history is not well-known. It's said that he was chased by some ghost who was scarying him and then he trained to defeat him. Ghost was chasing him even in his dreams, so he decided to challenge him. Ghost accepted. Kanza defeated him very easy and Ghost gave him powers he had. Then Kanza became the strongest Human durring that time.

World War III

In WWIII he killed one million people who were attacking him and they wanted his power. He defended himself, but how time was passing, he was killing as an addict. He became evil.


He was good and he wouldn't kill even an ant, but when WWIII started, he had to. After some time he became evil and started killing everything he finds, looks, or even sences. It's said he became crazy.


His power, even if it's unknown, is very high. Many people say that he could destroy 10 buildings full of people with single hand. Other people say he can cut the planet Earth on half.



  • Ki sense - Abbility to sense another Ki around user
  • Kamehameha - This form of Kamehameha wave is more different than any other forms. It's very hard to charge the attack. It's said it can destroy whole group of total 525 tanks.
  • Now you die! - Probably one of the most attacks he uses to distract enemy. He charges Ki Blast to an enemy, but ki blast avoids enemy and punches him with Rage Fist.
  • Ki Blast - usual Ki Blast.
  • Rage Fist - The strongest punch of Kanza. He collects energy and fire in his hand and punches his enemy.
  • Look over there! - Distracting attack which he uses when he wants to teleport. He sends one Ki Blast  in the sky and that distracts enemy or someone else.
  • Teleportation
  • Sky Invert - He makes a blue Ki Blast in his hands and flies into sky. then he spins around creating spiral Ki Blast which is very fast and almost invisible for Human eye.
  •  Powering Up - He uses fire to power up and collects fire around him
  • Ki flight - Usual Ki Flight.


  • 50% of power
  • 100% of power
  • Flame mode - His hair is flame and his body becomes more orange. His power multiples for 100 times more.
  • Megamode - User's hair gets white and power multiples 10.000 times

RP Use

He can be used by Spirit Bomb as RP character.