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 Josh is a 19 year old mercenary from the planet Earth. He wields the all powerful . Josh is one of the three role-play characters of the former admin ParadoxSpiral.


Josh is laid back. He often likes to make friends with the people who he's about to kill before he does so. This gets in the way of Josh's assassination job as a whole as he often gets to attached to the people. Despite this, Josh kills people with no mercy often torturing them before he ends their suffering. Josh is also a manic eater, he eats anything and everything to fill the hole in his life. He is also a major flirt, trying to charm his way through life by getting girls on his side and proposes one too many times. Josh cares for animals, he owns a pet dog which he loves and cares for with all his heart.


Josh was born from his dead mother. He lived with his dad till the age of 7 until he murdered him and burned down their house for unknown reasons. Josh then checked into a mental facility for three years. It was then after he checked out, he met Paradox who gave him the and taught him how to be the killer he is today. After five years Josh left Paradox and went to the Angel Griffith to train with him. It was then he gained and was sent back down to Earth to fight for the greater good.

Powers and Abilities 

  • Spiraling Ring- Josh creates a dark purple Rasengan-like orb of energy surrounded by a series of white rings of energy that orbit the main sphere. These rings then align into one disc-like shape around the orb, causing the rings to resemble planetary rings.
  • Great Spiraling Ring- The user creates an exceptionally powerful Spiraling Ring that can cause massive destruction on impact. This has been shown to destroy multiple planets with one ball.

The fact that Josh is a Reaper gives him incredible feet:

  • Demi-God Strength 
  • Peek Light Speed
  • Fast Regeneration
  • Super human stamina
  • Insect reflexes 
  • Hawk Eye
  • Eagle Eye
  • Beetle sense 

He also has the abilities his training has helped with

  • Master swordsman ship
  • Master Mercenary skills
  • Amerterasu
  • Energy manipulation
  • Kamui
  • All forms of Kamehameha
  • Room
  • Dimensional Break
  • Reaper break
  • All Reaper techniques

The highest power level that Josh can reach is his Reaping Angel mode. This gives him the power level of:

  • Big bang(e + 10^10)^2
  • Unreadable