This character, Jeff 2.0, is a main Lookout RP character!

Jeff 2.0 is JanembaFreak97's main RP character.


More calm and collected than he was in the past, Jeff is an old man in a young body. Still prone to bouts of insanity, Jeff has worked to control his dark side.


Just before Jeff died, he decided he wanted to make a clone, because he rolls like that. The only real difference is he genetically spliced his Namekian DNA and the DNA of a Saiyan, giving him a Saiyan appearance and transformations but Namekian healing powers and regeneration. He soon reched maturity and left the lab, out to make a big name for himself. And maybe meet a few chicks along the way.  He has a regular training regimen, and commonly works on building how much energy his body can handle. He has recently been gathering DNA of various warriors, and putting it to work by splicing it with a clone of himself, Leonisus. Leon is finished and is now Jeff's apprentice. What does Jeff do that needs an apprentice? To Hell if I know....

In the Year 1500 things have changed for Jeff. The namekian studied magic for a time in search of immortality and succeeded. However, there were side effects. Jeff no longer ages, but he is much weaker due to the energy he gave up to live. His body reverted to his original namekian form, leaving him a shadow of his former self.


In the modern era, Jeff is weaker than he used to be. He is still a skilled fighter, though, and has centuries of experience under his belt.

Abilities and Techniques

Jeff has a large amount of attacks in his library of fighting knowledge, but here are some of the more common ones:

Masenko - A beam fired from above the users forehead. 

Special Beam Cannon - A powerful beam that can pierce through practically anything

Hellzone Grenade - Sends a large amount of ki blasts into the air and then sends them rushing at the opponent

Masenkosoppa - A larger, more powerful version of the Special Beam Cannon

Final Flash: A powerful beam that takes a lot of charging

Input, Output - The user puts ki into his opponent, then causes it to explode inside of them

Current Goal

None. Given up on most world destroying plans, saying that he has turned a new leaf and gone back to how he used to be, a true hero.