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Hadron is part of The Supreme Beings, along with few members. He has something that the other members don't have. He has abilities of infinite running, aka Instant Running, that makes him appear instantly (0 seconds). He has abilities of fire and ice. Also with Dark Matter powers, he can make chaotic destruction, like destroying omniverse.


He's not very tall, but he's muscular. His hair is red and yellow, he has red tail that's similar to Saiyans', but it's a bit larger, because it's used to hide his power. He wears Saiyan jumpsuit, gloves and boots. He has Pottara Earrings that make him stronger.


Hadron's the onliest good in his group, if we don't count in the neutral personalities. He can smirk as he wants his enemies think he's evil, although he's not. The pressure of his own power sometimes make him "feel pain" in his head and he's feeling like he's "on drugs", but he found way to control that.