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"''Look who it is. Frieza. Aren't you supposed to be stronger?

I am sorry for my other sides behaviour. But, you attempted to attack me. You have only yourself to blame.

F**ing idiot.... "
— Ice Goten and Fire Goten after defeating Frieza.

Note: This Goten lives in another universe.

Goten is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, and also the brother of Gohan. He lived a happy life, untill the universe was shaken by the creation of Omega Alpha, which left everything in a horrible condition. Only Earth and the Milky Way galaxy was left.

Every Z-fighter was affected, but Goten suffered quite much, as his body was split in half. The ice side, which is calm, serious and mature, and the fire side, which is impulsive, agressive and more playful and destructive. However, both sides has a love for fighting, and are actually kind and friendly.


Before the incident, Goten was easy-going, and was enjoying life, although he was a bit lazy. Now, after the transformation, he is more of a warrior. His fire side swears alot, and is agressive, ruthless, a very skilled fighter who goes straight on, instead of planning and thinking. His ice side is more kind, calm and mature, often stating solutions, and thinks out strategies within moments. His fire side talks with a more dark, raspy voice, while his ice side talks normal, calm and easy.