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Eastern Supreme Dark Kai
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The Eastern Supreme Dark Kai(東部暗い会, Higashi no Makaioshin) is one of the 4 Wicked Cardinal Kai, and a subordinate of The Grand Supreme Dark Kai, and of the 4 Wicked Cardinal Kai, he is the only one shown to be a master of blades, using a sword as his ultimate medium of combat. He is infamous throughout the realms of the otherworld for being a revolutionary master of Reisatsuken based combat. To his allies, the other members of the 4 Wicked Cardinal Kai, and his subordinates, he is called by the name of Arashi(嵐, Lit. "Violent Tempest")

Character Overview


The tallest of the 4 Wicked Cardinal Kai, Arashi is a man with an appearance strikingly similar to that of a heavily detailed Daimyo Statue. His body and muscles are extremely defined, to the point he almost seems to be composed out of stone. Various ornate patterns cover his chest, arms, and face, and his bright, white hair which stands on end instills fear and the sense of forboding into the hearts of his enemies. His eyes are shown to be constantly consumed in a blazing white hot flame, holding his infamous Reisatsuken strapped behind his back, ready and waiting for him to draw it at any time that he see's fit.


Very violent and instictive, Arashi's loyalty to his master is found only in his desire to fight. Being a man that is constantly seeking out new opponents, Arashi's blood courses with the will to do battle at any and every chance and excuse that he gets, his hunger for conflict eclipsed only by his thirst for greater power. It is because of the prospect of truly unquestionable strength that he follows The Grand Supreme Dark Kai, hoping that when the latter accomplishes his goal, he will be able to give Arashi, and his the other of the 4 wicked cardinal kai, the ultimate superlative power that he has promised them should they decide to follow and support him.


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