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If you were thinking this is Hood, you're wrong fella!

Eagle or also called One-Eyed Eagle is the member of The Supreme Beings, along with few other members. He has huge source of power in his eyes, specifically in his right eye, which is covered with an eyepatch to hide it and control it. As he has huge power that he can control, somehow, he has joined to The Supreme Beings.

With the huge power he contains in his eyes, he's very good eye-vision, that allows him to see future, past, and many more things, like byakugan can do, as an example, see trough objects.


Eagle wears red coat, which he uses to hide his power also[1]. He has tattoo on his arms, legs and face. He can show his sharp teeth sometimes, when he gets angry. He has an eyepatch, that allows him to not destroy "All".


He's evil and he likes destruction. What he sees that's broke he asks to "fix" it by destroying it. He was fighting into the alter-dimensional Lookout and blasted all because he was bored of weakness.




He is very strong. He once raced with Hadron, but hadron was cheating by using Instant Speed. He got to the half of the race when Hadron was at the finish. Hadron said to Eagle he's fast and maybe the fastest being he was racing with.

His eye is cursed by a magician which his father fought, and of course, his father won. The magician used his last words to make Eagle very powerful, that powerful that he can destoy omniverse(s). His father was looking for some solution, but no one could dismiss those spells, but only make them a bit softer. The eyepatch eats his power and energy, similar to Kenpachi Zaraki's.

He never used many energy types, such as Chakra or something similar.


  1. He has much of power there even