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Aliases Hero of Life
User Le Crying Daryl
Race Saiyan
Gender 16px Male
Height 6'1
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Crusade is a Saiyan, more well known as the Hero of Life. He is an anti-hero and resides in Earth.


Crusade looks like a Super Saiyan in his normal form but his hair in front is blue and the rest is golden. Crusade wears a faded, blue undershirt. In his Hero of Life form, his hair is the same but his skin turns dark and he gains markings near his waist, on his chest and beside his chin.


Despite being a Hero of Life, Crusade is more of an anti-hero. Only using his unique power in seldom situations, he is a loner, though still having a vision for people to live under an atmosphere that contains nothing except joy, contradicting himself with desire to stay alone.


Crusade was titled "Hero of Life" for his amazing, pure life force. When in his Hero of Life form, when Crusade's life force aura reaches a broken object or injured person, they or it will be healed/fixed. Not only known for his title, but Crusade has a ridiculously high level of overall skill from mostly from general strength to controling the powers of his ki. He is an experienced hand-to-hand fighter and he can also pick up any weapon, and seem to have trained with it for years.