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Aro is former, and former-main Role-Playing character of SupremeLegacy. Aro is a 17 year old Saiyan who is the genetic clone of Zionand is a former role-play character of XxGodZerxesxX.



Before Zion's return from life, an unknown scientist took some of Zion's gene cells in a battle with him. The scientist later went home to his lab, he then created a new Saiyan clone from Zion's cells, Aro. Aro grew up in a containment unit which gave him all the knowledge, and skills he needs until he was 11 then he was trained to be a great fighter and soon protector of the world.


Aro looks like Zion, or Goku is any case. Inside his base form, his hair stands up like a Full Power Super Saiyan's hair does, but is black with green tints through it. He wears a gi that has a turqoise bottom, and a red top with another red top under. He wears black battle armor boots, and white battle armor gloves. His natural eye color in base form is a normal blue color, but teal in any Super Saiyan form.

Abilities & Techniques



Aro's speed is over many others. Aro is said to be able to get up to 680,000,000,00 Miles Per Hour in only 3 seconds. At his full speed, there is no sight of him at all, nothing can see it. Not even the strongest eyes. Even if the time was slowed, he would still be moving at about 30,000,000 Miles per hour.


Aro has also achieved a brand new enhanced strength that many can't seem to understand. It's very so hard to explain how his greatly enhanced strength is, so I won't.


  • Flight
  • Ki Sense
  • Ki Blast
  • Kamehameha - Many variations
  • Final Shine
  • Final Flash
  • Positive Karma Ball
  • Big Bang Attack
  • Big Bang Smash
  • Big Bang Kamehameha
  • Final Kamehameha
  • Death Ball
  • Finger Beam
  • Ultimate Combo
  • Meteor Combonation
  • Dragon Fist
  • Spirit Bomb - All Variations
  • Dirty Fireworks
  • Instant Transmission