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Ageha Hurono is a 19 year-old woman from the Planet Earth, she is also the official RP character of Poisoned Innocense.


Ageha has long bleach blonde hair that falls to her legs. She has brilliant blue eyes that match her hair perfectly. For a 19 year old she has a dainty appearance which makes people think she is younger. Ageha carries a long sword which she carries in a black casing, she wears a black over jacket, which has golden markings, over her bra and panties. Ageha wears black leggings and black shoes.


Ageha is very quiet and is often shy around people. She hates when boys stare at her to much and often beats them up in embarrassment. Ageha is very close to her mother and often stays at home to care for her because she has cancer.